Remote learning with bMaker

The bMaker ecosystem has everything you need for your classes, and everything pupils need for creating their projects

Nothing else required!

With bMaker, you can work remotely with no need for additional materials: the platform has all the tools, programs and resources you need. You can combine in-person and distance learning, or switch from one to the other whenever you want.

Thousands of children learnt remotely with bMaker throughout the 2019/20 session

Comprehensive classroom management

The bMaker classroom management system is particularly useful for distance learning.

Managing your class

Check which session pupils are working on, which activities they have completed, and their score and number of tries, for example.

Controlling progress

Block upcoming projects or sessions so that no one gets ahead of the class.

Evaluation rubrics

Correct pupils’ projects and send feedback directly through the platform.

Help and tutorials

Access useful information about the programming tools included in bMaker (e.g. Scratch, App Inventor and Bitbloq).

Additional resources

Take advantage of extra content including competences and objectives for each project, evaluation criteria and learning standards, and solutions to the activities.

A motivating experience for pupils

In bMaker, pupils learn by overcoming challenges in an entertaining environment. The fun tools and themes, together with the gamified platform, nurture their enthusiasm. Pupils stay motivated – even at home!