The most comprehensive classroom management system

Teachers and pupils have all the resources they need for teaching and learning

An interactive platform that supports teaching and learning

100% digital

Teachers and pupils work directly on the platform. No textbooks required – this is an interactive and stimulating environment.

A comprehensive education tool

Teachers have access to a comprehensive, simple and streamlined classroom management system, enabling them to create classes and groups, correct pupils’ work, evaluate pupils using rubrics, see the progress of each group and more.


As pupils work through their projects, they can check their status, results and number of stars, among other features that boost their motivation.

An age-adapted platform

Interactive whiteboard/projector version

The introductory level uses a ‘one for all’ model.

Computer version

Designed for individual/team use on a PC or laptop. This model is used in course 3 of the introductory level, and in the intermediate and advanced levels.

Additional teaching resources

The platform provides information and content to facilitate teaching

Introductory level

  • Outline of the curriculum for each project

  • Downloadable teaching guides

  • Help section and tutorials

  • Evaluation rubrics

  • Classroom management tool

Intermediate and advanced

  • Methodology suggestions

  • Help section

  • Soluctions

  • Evaluation rubrics

  • Classroom management tool