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We use technology and creativity to get children ready for the future

Extracurricular activities bMaker Academy

bMaker Academy provides access to innovative extracurricular activities on technology. Our in-house method caters to students aged 6 to 14. Sign up now or bring bMaker Academy to your school!

Learn to create your own technology

Artificial intelligence, programming, robotics, 3D design, videogames and so much more!

Online and in-person options

A practical, creative and fun methodology

Artificial intelligence

Virtual worlds

Mobile apps




bMaker School for the classroom

bMaker School is the simplest way of teaching programming, robotics and 3D design in your school. Teachers and students have access to everything they need to develop technology competences in the primary and secondary curricula:

Interactive platform with classroom management tools

Digital content

Classroom materials

Support throughout the school year

Computational thinking


3D printing


Mobile apps

Web development

Creative, practical and fun metodology

The bMaker methodology is based on the STEAM philosophy, project-based cooperative learning, Design Thinking and gamification. The result: students become technology creators and develop key soft skills for their professional development and future career.

A project from BQ Educación and Macmillan Education

BQ Educación is a pioneer of technology education in Spain; Macmillan Education is one of the country’s leading education publishing houses. Millions of children learn using our content, products and solutions.